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Palpaliwats are a form of verse, in which performers boast of their bravery and head-hunting prowess. They are normally chanted at the end of 3 day parties held to bring two Kalinga 'tribes' together when renewing their peace-pact. They seemed to me to be a way of both 'coming clean' about the past and issuing a warning about the potential consequences of breaking the new truce. 

The Palpaliwat of Mr Awat - Audio

The Palpaliwat of Mr Awat - Transcript
The Palpaliwat of Gang-gang - Audio

The Palpaliwat of Gang-gang - Transcript

The Palpaliwat of Manuel Tabang - Audio

The Palpaliwat of Manuel Tabang - Transcript
The Palpaliwat of Juan Alicmas - Audio

This Palpaliwat has not been translated. In the audio Juan Alicmas discusses what being a Mengor (warrior) means to him.

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